asian male hairstyles

This is really a cool Asian male hairstyle. Layered black-red hair looks so great! Asian male hair is one of the most difficult types to style, since Asian hair is very thick and coarse. But once you create with a little patience, practice and the right equipment, Asian male hair can be tamed.

There are a lot young Asian  guys do like the spiky look. You can see the most popular TV shows, and you will find that a lot young men do love that kind of haircut, and of course, looks great.  This is where Asian men have the advantage. While people with other types of hair need lots of product to get it to stand up, Asian hair does it by itself. Let your hair grow to a length between half an inch to an inch. Chances are you can roll out of bed, run your fingers across your head and be good to go with your spiky style. If you want to to stay rigidly in place use some hair wax or gel and blow dry it up.

Humidity is the enemy of Asian male hair. If it is a humid day or you are sweating a lot, styled hair can fall or spike out. Avoid these situations. If you can’t coax the hair back into place with a brush and water, you may have to start over.


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