Hola Chickens!

I am seriously in need of some big hair help from you all, up for the challenge? ;)

Seems that lately my hair has been more 'mehh'... than 'wowza!', and I need your amazing help to cure my hair slump!

Years of straightening, neglect and general meanness on my already extremely thin, limp hair has made the situation even worse, leaving me with dry, flat, and ridiculously thin hair.

I yearn for beautiful, full, thick, bloody amazing hair. I have serious hair-envy...

For a few months now I've been on a strict no-heat ban for my hair, which has improved its condition marginally. Now my hair care routine is to just shampoo and condition, let my hair air dry and then sleep with it piled on top of my head for a tiny bit of added umphh!

However, my ends are so dry and damaged I have resorted to snipping some of my split ends off myself, as I'm growing my hair longer, so I try not to snip off too much when visiting the dreaded hairdresser.

So my big question is, have you got thin hair, how do you deal with it, and how can I give mine some added volume while still maintaining my no-heat ban? And what sort of products could help my poor dry hair? Any miracle products out there that cure split ends?

Thank you my lovelies, you are my saviours! :)


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