Sugar Alternatives for Skin Health Sugar Alternatives for Skin Health

So, as I've said before, good nutrition is imperative for truly healthy skin. Spikes in blood sugar generate inflammation which generate...

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7:16 PM

Intergrating 302... Intergrating 302...

So, I need to edit a statement I made in an earlier post. Originally I said "302 Cannot be mixed with other skincare lines", howev...

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4:02 PM

302 Skincare 302 Skincare

A lot of my readers have been emailing me, or even calling me (I had a girl from VT call me at my MAC Store to ask about this!) asking where...

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9:30 AM

Chinese Face Diagnosis Chinese Face Diagnosis

Hi everyone! Lately I've been wanting to go back to school to recieve advanced Esthetic training - I wanted to go back and get my last b...

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8:25 AM

Skincare Supplements Skincare Supplements

Ok, so anyone who's really into skincare is either already, or will soon learn, Supplements and proper diet accelerate ANY skincare regi...

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7:38 AM

The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle

So, A few weeks ago I was in NYC with my boyfriend Jim who was doing make-up for New York Fashion Week Spring 2010. Below you can see 302 ma...

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7:08 PM