the perils of working in Boots. the perils of working in Boots.

Here's a few recent accidental purchases courtesy of being surrounded by makeup all day long... Nivea Milk & Honey Lip Balm How have...

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10:31 AM

nailed. nailed.

Being able to wear nail polish freely, without a teacher yelling, screaming or having a breakdown at the fact my nails are coloured is extre...

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8:03 AM

sixth form wardrobe. sixth form wardrobe.

The best and worst part of entering the daunting new world of Sixth Form at school is without a doubt the clothes. On the good side, spendin...

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5:31 AM

a sky full of lighters. a sky full of lighters.

I went off gallivanting abroad for a week to Cala D'or in Majorca, which is the most beautiful place in the world. Well, that may be a s...

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8:23 AM