302 Skincare 302 Skincare

A lot of my readers have been emailing me, or even calling me (I had a girl from VT call me at my MAC Store to ask about this!) asking where...

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9:30 AM

Chinese Face Diagnosis Chinese Face Diagnosis

Hi everyone! Lately I've been wanting to go back to school to recieve advanced Esthetic training - I wanted to go back and get my last b...

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8:25 AM

Skincare Supplements Skincare Supplements

Ok, so anyone who's really into skincare is either already, or will soon learn, Supplements and proper diet accelerate ANY skincare regi...

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7:38 AM

The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle

So, A few weeks ago I was in NYC with my boyfriend Jim who was doing make-up for New York Fashion Week Spring 2010. Below you can see 302 ma...

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7:08 PM