lets vamp it up. lets vamp it up.

After picking up the beautiful Maybelline Gel Liner the other day, it has integrated into my daily makeup routine, displacing the old ELF C...

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11:29 AM

sneaky purchases. sneaky purchases.

On a little trip out to town to root around for a suitable prom bag (which, of course, I didn't even end up getting!) I accidentally on ...

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8:47 AM

red indian. red indian.

Sheer Shirt- Primark; High Waisted Shorts- Topshop; Cardigan- Primark; All Jewellery- Primark; Hair Feathers- Primark; Lipstick- Sleek Peac...

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12:44 PM

summertime wishlist. summertime wishlist.

Exams are finished and I am  finally freeeeeeeeeeeee! With 11 weeks of plans free summer lying ahead of me, anything and everything is poss...

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9:27 AM

heat free hair: volumising products! heat free hair: volumising products!

Its no secret that I absolutely love massive, voluminous messy hair, but with fine hair this is always a challenge to achieve without backco...

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8:50 AM

and the winner is! and the winner is!

So it is Sunday 12th June and my Sigma giveaway has officially ended! Thank you to all of those who entered, however there can only be one ...

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5:25 AM

come on skinny love, what happened here? come on skinny love, what happened here?

Shorts: H&M, Cardigan: Primark, Shirt: Primark, Jewellery & Belt: Primark ♥ I wore this little outfit on a trip out to dinner with m...

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12:03 PM

heat free hair: soft, easy waves heat free hair: soft, easy waves

Having fine, flat hair and not using heat is normally a complete disaster and my hair is very difficult to work with when I do absolutely no...

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8:11 AM

my skincare routine. my skincare routine.

When it comes to what I slap onto my skin, I like to keep things reasonably simple and gentle. My skin is by no means perfect or blemish fre...

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8:21 AM