glitter gradient! glitter gradient!

Christmas is always the optimum time to have the most in your face, sparkly, gaudy nails possible and this year was no exception! I opted fo...

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8:52 AM

cranberry lips. cranberry lips.

Its CHRISTMASSSSSS! Stating the obvious there, but I'm finally starting to get a little bit excited for the big day! As I've gotten ...

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1:39 PM

cream collection. cream collection.

Cream eyeshadows have become a big favourite of mine over the past few months as I much prefer the look of dewy, smudgy shadow rather than t...

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12:34 PM

Sexiest Wedding Sexiest Wedding

Not quite sure if this is sexy or just awkward? Can you imagine your entire family sitting there and then your bride comes walking in...

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9:24 PM

Celebrity Shoes Celebrity Shoes

These are some very weird shoes that are worn by some of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood. It is strange that these celebriti...

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9:22 PM