Heyyy Bloggettes!

Here's what I do when my hair goes crazy and will answer to no-one...

You will need:

Scaryyyy Hair

(Scared face for 'scary mary' hair!)


You'll need about 20 Kirby grips, depending on your hair. I have very thin hair, so mine only needs about 3 strategically placed ones to stay up, but about 12 to feel secure. For thicker hair you could need up to 30.

Basically the best method I've found of pinning up my hair is to simply plonk it onto the back of my head.
I literally just grab, scrunch, twist so its all pressed to the back of my head, and add Kirby grips everywhere until it feels secure!

Et Voilaa....
Goodbye 'scary mary' hair...

... hellooooo messy messy up-do!

I feel all sophisticated and posh when I wear this! Its such a pretty style, and so simple to do, never takes longer than 5 minutes!
You can add accessorises to your hair to make it more interesting...

Flower from Primark, £1.50!
Bargain Hair, or whattt??

I hope you liked this, and maybe some of you will even try it out??

Now I have a question, do you like me doing how to's and tutorials?? Just hit the comment box :)

Thankyou my lovelies! :)


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