how to: get long and healthy hair! how to: get long and healthy hair!

As many of you may have read in my previous 'hair journey' post, me and my hair have a love-hate relationship. I cut off a lot of ...

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10:49 AM

batiste 'tones' dry shampoo. batiste 'tones' dry shampoo.

A few years ago I was a huge fan of dry shampoo; it was a complete life saver when my hair was a huge messy grease-bomb and I just could not...

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8:10 AM

my weekend. my weekend.

I've seen so many of these type of 'life' posts on so many other blogs (namely the lovely Laura's ) so as I adore reading th...

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7:30 AM

sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.

Boob Tube: H&M White Tank: Primark Blue Skirt: H&M Spotty Tights: Primark Tan Belt: Primark Nails: Barry M Navy Rings: Shop in Spain...

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10:52 AM

what happens when I get bored... what happens when I get bored...

*ZOMGGG* I got attacked by an alien...   ...or something to that effect. OK, so maybe that was a slight exaggeration; I wasn't as much a...

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12:10 PM

my hair journey! my hair journey!

 My hair and I have a very fragile relationship. Only recently has it reached a length which I deem suitable for my head after months and mo...

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9:05 AM

hush cream colour base. hush cream colour base.

As a reward for finishing my Art GCSE course a few weeks back I decided to allow myself a little, sneaky purchase from MAC, taking full adva...

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7:16 AM

time to blow out the candles... time to blow out the candles...

Today is the 15th April, which although may be an ordinary date for some, for me it is my blogiversary- woo whooooo! Precisely a year ago to...

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4:00 AM

mug shots! mug shots!

Trying to attain the perfect beauty blogger picture, showcasing your makeup to the max and having perfect expression/lighting is certainly n...

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8:27 AM