...for my bank balance.

This Saturday I popped into town for a day out with an old friend for a quick skip around the shops, which of course turned into a rather long day out...

As aways, I spent way too much, buy hey, its nearly Christmas, so time to start treating myself! ;)

Pull & Bear
I adore this baggy t-shirt as it reminds me of Christmas and is perfect for wearing over leggings.

A complete bargain find in the sale (woo whoo!), I adore this khaki green top!

A stretchy purple skirt. Perfect for winter? ...Umm, I think not, but hey, who doesn't need a new skirt! ;)

Thought it was time to add at least add one wintry piece to my wardrobe, and I think  this gorgeous heart cut out cardie does the trick!

Tresemme Salon Finish Hairspray
I decided it was time to get my own Tresemme hairspray, rather than nicking my poor mummies every time I need some hold. I love this one, so easy to use and holds perfectly, with no crunchy-ness.

Pound Shop
Rimmel Eyeshadows in Bronzed and Glam Rock and Revlon Eyeshadow in Charcoal
I will never stop being amazed at the bargainous makeup you can find in the Pound Shop. These are beautiful colours and extremely pigmented, and for just 99 pennies each I think I can afford as many as I want :)

Simple Rich Moisturisor
Now the winter coldness is drawing in, I'm in serious need of replenishing the decreasing levels of moisture in my skin, and I'm hoping this is the answer to my problems!

Cocoa Butter Vaseline
Eeekk, I'm so happy to have picked this gorgeous smelling tin of goodness up! Perfect chocolaty smell to slather all over my parched lips!

Natural Collection Lipgloss in Fondant and Lipstick in Lotus
£1.99 each
For just 2 quid, I always find the Natural Collection range to be surprisingly good and I wasn't disappointed with these two, the lipgloss is such a beautiful colour and no stickiness in sight (or feel?)

No 7 Eyeshadow in Truffle
With my £5 off voucher, this little beauty was just £2.50, oh thank you Mr Boots who created these amazing vouchers!! :)

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara
I admit, I'm becoming a bit of a mascara fiend. I did not need this, but I had the strongest pull to buy either this or L'oreal voluminous. I really wish I had a time machine and could go back to get the latter. This mascaras just a bit... blah. Nothing special. Damn you stupid advertising campaigns telling me that this will make my lashes grow and enticing me to buy! :|

Sleek Bad Girl Palette
As a huge Sleek palette fan, I was over the moon when I heard they had come out with two brand spanking new palettes. Not particularly keen on the pink shades of the Good Girl palette, I went for the smokier, sexier Bad Girl palette... not because I'm a bad girl or anything ;) Of course, like all of their palettes these eyeshadows are exceptional for their price and with beautiful pigmentation these little beauties can create a whole number of looks, and all just for £5.99!


Coming up in the next post...
My Very First Lush Haul!!



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