I am always amazed at lovely bloggers on here and on YouTube who can create astonishing makeup looks, and am jealous of their amazing editorial work they create from just a few basic products and a 'blank canvas' - face.

So, as an aspiring makeup artist/beauty journalist myself, I decided to try out a bit of 'face art', inspired by youtubers such as CosmeticsCharlotte72 and MakeupByRisa...

I used ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black, Barry M Dazzledust in Mushroom (used wet) and Benefit Lust Duster in Moon Doggie (also used wet) to create this look :)

By no means is this anywhere near as good as anything the amazing artists on YouTube and blogger can create, however I am actually quite pleased with the result, for me a makeup artistry newbie :)

I based this pattern/look on flowers and fireworks night, and played around until I came up with something decent.

Upon showing my family my makeup, I was subjected to a lot of dropped jaws and 'What have you done?!'s before they eventually gathered I was trying out a whole new look.

I'm hoping the reactions from my lovely followers will be a little less shocked, but all the same what do you think? Honest opinions please :)


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