This is the first post of hopefully many, in a series of heat free hair styling posts. As you may know, my hair has been on a major heat ban for more than a year now, and it has done my hair's health a world of good. So if your on a heat ban or just looking for ways to cut down the damage to your hair, I hope you like these posts.

First up is styling with hair rollers, as modelled by my lovely sister Sophie...

These rollers are two different sizes from Sally's Beauty Supplies. They were inserted into natural, dry hair, and in Sophie's very thick hair we used about 17 rollers, but if you have thinner/fine hair you may need a lot less. The best method of application I find is to start at the front and go down the middle and then apply to the sides, using about 2 inch sections for each roller. Leave for about 1 to 2 hours (longer for more effect) and if your feeling a bit naughty blast with a hair dryer (not that I'm encouraging breaking your heat ban, but if you do, use a heat protectant ;) and uncurl the rollers slowly from the hair so you don't lose volume.

Et voila...

...and your left with big voluminous hair.

Hope this helped in some way, and check back for more in the heat free hair series :)


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