YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Faubourg Peach (30)

This is by far the most beautiful lipstick I have ever owned.

YSL lipsticks have always been one of those items that are forever on my 'wishlist' to buy in the future but I never really get around to, or have the money to, buy from the prestigious brand! 

However, much to my excitement, a YSL lipstick was the best gift I received this Christmas, thanks to my lovely auntie! Fabourg Peach is the most perfect soft pink, peachy colour that has ever graced my lips, and with its infamous non-drying, ultra creamy formula there really is nothing left to fault!

It has predictably made it only my 'favourite lipsticks of all time' list and will be there for some time! I am looking into other shades of the YSL's for my next purchase and they are all so pretty I cant choose, suggestions please?!


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