My eyebrows have always been a bit of an oddball compared to the rest of me, somehow they have winded up about 5 shades darker than my natural hair colour and change shape so regularly I can't keep up. I have been cursed with the 'disobedient eyebrows' gene where the hairs rebel from any position I put them in; an affliction for which I blame my mother's side of the family entirely for!

Although I'm always baffled as to why my eyebrows have decided to be so much darker than my actual hair colour, I really don't see it as an issue but as more a 'feature of my face' which I embrace wholeheartedly and I am now a full devotee to the whole 'filling in the brows all day everyday' group!

Tweezerman are my weapon of choice when it comes to taming my unruly brows and are so sharp and powerful they really make the job of brow taming quick and relatively pain free, and are the best tweezers I have ever used, hands down!

I also use a MUA shadow in Shade 19- Matt, which is dark matte brown on a random old Argos angled brush from my collection, to speedily dust some colour through my eyebrows every morning, counteracting the gaps and darkening the ends. By no means am I a fan of the infamous 'scouse brow' (link here) but a fan of dark and bushy brows, I am!

A quick tug with a brow comb and my brows are complete for the day, even if they very rarely stay in place and will most likely squirm out of position faster than you can say 'eyebrows'! 

What's your 'eyebrow routine' and have you got any miracle brow product recommendations, I need a change from my old favourite MUA eyeshadow!

Have a lovely week! 


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