So, I need to edit a statement I made in an earlier post. Originally I said "302 Cannot be mixed with other skincare lines", however in reality some products can. This list was published and sent to 302 Estheticians this morning:

Guidelines For Using 302 with Other Product Lines

Mixing with other product lines is always problematic because of conflicting formula goals from line to line. Proceed with caution, observation and think less about keeping a product you can't live without and more about gaining a better skin. 302 formulas are integrated, from cleansers right on through to self-tanners, you and your akin will get a better response staying integrated. Whenever you mix and match with other product lines, introduce only one product at a time.

302 products that may be incorporated with other product lines:

302 Plus Serum Recovery Plus (and Intensive)
Eye Firming Serum Body Treatment (and Intensive)
A-Boost Sensitive Cleanser
C-Boost Acne Cleanser
Acne Serum / Clarity Rosacea Cleanser
Lightening Drops Face & Body Bar
Lightening: Décolleté & Hand Ointment Rx
Calming Mist Self Tanner (Gel and Mist)
Acne Mist SPF-15 & SPF-30
Recovery Mist Rx Recovery Minerals

302 products not to be used in combination with other product lines:
These products contain Avogen™ or other avocado extracts at higher concentrations that generate large increases in skin energy.

302 Drops 302 Rosacea Drops
302 Drops: High Potency 302 Cleanser
302 Serum Normal/Dry Cleanser
302 Serum: High Potency Oily/Combination Cleanser
302 Acne Drops

So as you can see, many of you lovelies who are using other lines and want to try 302's fantastically formulated sunscreens or vitamin boosts can rest assured you'll get good results without the irritation.

Short and Sweet today-

Wishing you great skin,
Danny Vanity


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