So, as I've said before, good nutrition is imperative for truly healthy skin. Spikes in blood sugar generate inflammation which generates the dreaded free radicals everyone's trying to avoid ;). Therefore, I personally have outlawed Refined Sugar and Refined Carbohydrates in our house. White/Refined Carbs are processed as sugar by the body and spike your blood sugar as much as white table sugar would. Not good! Replacing white carbs with WHOLE grains such as Whole Wheat Bread, Brown Rice Pasta or Buckwheat Pancakes (make sure to use 100% maple syrup, even though it's pricier. avoid high fructose corn syrup!!) will make a huge difference to your skin and your waistline. Now back to sweeteners, here are some that I personally like to use.

Agave Nectar: This was the first one I picked up, honestly because I thought it was cool that It came from cactus. But seriously, Agave Nectar is nice and sweet, and has a low-glycemic index so it is absorbed into the blood slowly, and doesn't spike you blood sugar. At this point and time you an get in the naturals or organic section of most grocery stores. Organic is always best. The one I have right now is by "Wholesome Sweeteners". I really like this because of the low glycemic index and how much easier it is to mix than honey.

Raw Honey: Before I even talk about honey, I want to define raw.: Unheated, unstrained, with the enzymes and beeswax and propolis. This is very important. Though honey has the same glycemic index as sugar, it is packed in beneficial enzmes and amino acids and aids in digestion and is generally just a nutritious live food. You shouldn't heat it (or make sure the liquid isn't scaulding), as it will destroy the active enzymes. You should still be careful and limit yourself on this one, but its still way better for your skin than Refined white sugar. This honey would also make an amazing face mask, given its still full of the raw enzymes and nutrients. Good for calming skin, moisture and anti-bacterial action. The brand I recommend is "Really Raw Honey" they have all different products and sizes, free shipping, and they ship FAST! I got my most recent in like 3 days. (www.

Stevia: The miracle sweetener (almost seems to good to be true) No carbs, no calories, No Glycemic Index. Remarkably sweet too. I have the liquid form from NSI which is very convenient and works well in everything from Apple Cider Vingar cocktails to the frequent tea or occasional coffee. I usually use about 4-6 drops per 12oz of liquid. The steviosides in the stevia extract also are supposed to help reduce sweet cravings, too. (NSI is from I've actually seen it recommended for diabetics (I however am not making any recommendations based on health conditions as I am not a doctor. If you have questions or concerns, you should contact your doctor)

splenda, sweet&low, equal, and other sweeteners made with toxic chemicals like aspartame are harmfully not only to your skin, but to your whole body. Just say no.


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