A lot of my readers have been emailing me, or even calling me (I had a girl from VT call me at my MAC Store to ask about this!) asking where they can get 302's amazing products.

Anyone who's interested in 302, or already using 302, can email me for addition product information and my New Price list which is now equipped with prices, product sizes, and the potency of the vitamin products. (Did you know A-Boost is .75% Retinol AND 6% Retinyl Palmitate? That's alot of Vitamin A!)

Also, if you go to the 302 website and search for an Esthetician, I am the 302 Esthetician/Vendor for the East Coast and International Distribution.

Email me at Danmakeup@gmail.com which is my preferred method of communication, or call me at 978-395-5667 - We live in Boston, so please be mindful were in EST!

Contact me today to see what 302 can do for your skin!
-Danny Vanity

P.S. - I'm ordering an Ultrasound probe for Face & Body Treatments. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my skin spatula, but sometimes I just want to quickly treat my face (and would like the option to easily do body treatments) and I think this will be convenient and more enjoyable for my clients. I'm waiting for them to email me back, and of course I'll post the email if their is any valuable inforation. :)


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