Hi everyone, especially 302 Users!

I wanted to share with you an email from a friend of mine, whom is actually the woman whom introduced me to 302 Via a forum on essentialdayspa.com. This is an email sent to me from her after recieving a reply from Dr. Huber (the biochemist behind the 302 molecule) on the usage of Clarity (formerly acne Serum, which is a 10% Retinyl Acetate serum in an aqueous EGCG base)

Since all skincare, and especially 302, will always need to be adjusted to suit all of our individual needs, I think anyone indivual successes need to be shared! Enjoy!

Clarity (formerly Acne Serum, which is still how its listed on the 302 site) can be reviewed for ingredients among other things, here.

This is the wonderful "Boski", who shared 302 with dozens upon dozens via the Essentialdayspa.com forum :)

To be honest, it was somebody else who brought this idea to my attention (thanks Eva). I asked Dr H if using Clarity as a "limited contact" topical (wash off) was a good idea for general anti-aging. Because it is so strong, leaving it on my face overnight would not be possible. It caused my skin to dry out and peel off even when spot treating. So, as Dr H previously instructed, I've been using it as a spot acne treatment by using the "limited contact" method...that is mix a pea size of Clarity with some Sensitive cleanser and then leaving on my spots for 2-3 minutes and then rinsing off. This seems to work much better for me. The pimples are gone in a couple days without irritation. So, an anti-aging application could work the same way. Mix a small amount of Clarity with your evening cleanser, leave 2-3 minutes on your face and then rinse off. Since this stuff is pricey and very sun sensitizing, I would not do it very often. Maybe twice a month. This would be the next step up or an alternative to the A Boost. The theory or science behind the "limited contact" method is explained in Dr H's note. This method of applying topicals is also useful for sensitive or rosacea types who cannot handle topicals as "leave-ons" in the early stages of renormalization. HTH

And this is what Dr. Huber had to say on the matter (always interesting, but sometimes overly technical, but I love that!)

I really like the use of Clarity as a wash off, many are telling us of this and it makes great sense, so as always, you are at the forefront and thinking what you do, so thank you for that. The ‘limited’ contact is actually more than enough. Recall our discussion of instant recognition of substances wherein the cells literally react and produce in response to stimulus. The ‘nutrient’ need not be in the cell. This is an area that continues to amaze me but makes perfect sense. Once the cell has recognized the substance, it is only enough for the sensory nodes to recognize it and the signal goes out to produce X, Y or Z depending on if the substance has a positive or negative registry. The nutrient factors if not obtainable by topical application (washing off) will be drawn from the body’s own reservoirs circulating through the blood supply, etc. I think this area needs a lot of work and I understand there is a researcher at UCSF deeply immersed in this. Understanding the limits of the ‘phantom feeding’ effect as I call it, or quantum transport effect, to sound very techy would be a great PhD thesis.

Personally, I use Clarity 1-2x a week as a leave on, and have been reaping the benefits of smaller pores and little to no congestion, and haven't broken out in months (maybe a tiny, tiny pimple, but nothing that left marks or ever lasted more than a day) but I know alot of people, espcially who aren't as Oily as me, had complaints. This could be something to think about!

I'm sorry I've neglected this blog, but I promise I am going to make more of an effort. Soon my website with FINALLY be up and ready and this will be a great resource for all the things I am going to do with it. :)

Wishin you great Skin,
Danny Vanity


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