So many times I have people coming into my work, whether it be spa room or make-up store, and making comments on how nice my skin is. As soon as I tell them about 302, they start making an excuse for themselves-

"Oh, well you're young enough to be my son." or "Skin is genetic, I just use Dove Soap" or "I've never heard of 302, I use Chanel"

Can we firstly talk about how skincare lines like Chanel are mostly fragrance and chemicals? Yuck.

Secondly, Did you know that all but 20% of your genes are altered by your lifestyle? That means that you can only blame your parents for 20% of who you are, the other 80% is up to YOU! Your diet, climate, stress level, sun exposure, and ofcourse, your Skincare regimen, all can make or break your skin. Just because your Mom had Acne or Wrinkles doesn't mean you have to aswell - You can alter your genes by making positive changes! (Reference: Human Genome Project, cited in 'Life Food Factor' by Susan Schenck)

1. Diet plays a role in the appearance of skin, as somethings will either help create or help destroy collagen. One of the easiest things you can do for your skin is get rid of the Four Deadly Whites. Refined & White Sugar (spikes blood sugar, creating inflammation/free radical damage), Refined & White Flour (processed by the body as table sugar, thus more inflammation), Dairy (we are the only species that drinks the milk of another mammal, and all the naturally occuring hormones aren't good for the skin or hormonal balance) & Salt (whether its table sold, or sea salt - salt is an inorganic mineral and it causes puffiness and bloating. Try to get your organic sodium content from leafy greens & sea veggies!).

2. RAW Fruits & Vegetables (organic when possible!) will fill your body with the enzymes and natural nutrition your skin needs to be healthy. (reference: Life Food Factor, Susan Schenck) Supplementing with Life foods, Wheat Grass Juice, Bee Polen, (instead of synthetic vitamins!) or just taking in more meals of Organic greens, and uncooked veggies will make a world of difference! Cooking your veggies kills all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Eat your fruits and veggies raw when possible!

3. Practice Yoga or Deep breathing excercises. People only utilize 10% of their lung copacity! Oxygen is needed to purify and oxegenate the blood, and blood is the food of all your skin cells. Having clean oxygenated blood will help nourish your skin! By taking in more oxygen, you are nourishing your entire body, especially your skin, for free! Just do so in a well ventilated area :) This is also great for stress management, as Yoga will help revitalize your mind! (reference: Super Power Breathing, by Paul & Patricia Bragg)

4. Unless you are going to be in the sun for over an hour (or you live in an area where your sunlight is extra compromised) settle for SPF 15 or the sunscreen generated from your Mineral Make-up. (My preferred brand of Mineral makeup can be found at As much as proper SPF is essential to protect the skin, avoiding the sun alltogether will create many more deficiencies such as Vitamin D, which will affect the skin poorly. Try to get a few minutes of early morning or late even sunlight, as the rays are gentler and far less disctructive.

5. And step 5? You guessed it! Use amazing skincare products, like 302. Don't waste your time masking or hiding your imperfections. Stop using skincare that only tries to fix the surface issue. Switch to a skincare that will change the structure and quality of your skin, as a whole. 302 Skincare doesn't just target conditions, it encourages healthy skin cells that are eventually devoid of all problems - cellular waste, dry spots, pigmentation, acne, scarring, wrinkles, pore tone & texture; 302's got it covered.

Wishing you great Skin,
Danny Vanity


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