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I recently had a customer notice a change in ingredients in the lipid based products, such as 302 Drops, and I got an Explanation as to why and wanted to share it with you. This is the reply I got from Justin at 302 yesterday-

We are experiencing wide seasonal variations in the organic jojoba oil we
obtain from our suppliers with high wax content and other variables creating
problems in delivering a consistent product. In order to keep a more
constant viscosity, desirable texture and skin outcome, we are now
incorporating capryl/capric triglycerides derived from organic palm oil in
our formulas - this is a very light, well tolerated and richly moisturizing
ingredient that is non-comedgogenic and non-occlusive and will give us more
consistent properties to the natural products we produce.

So for those of you noticing the capryl/capric triglycerides - that is why!

Just wanted to give you all a quick mobile update, so you could read it here first-

Wishing you great skin,
Danny Vanity

Location:Cross St,Peabody,United States


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