Now its getting into November, the nights are getting darker, the weather colder and the school workload heavier. However, a new school term calls for just one thing. A new mental attitude to learning? A new pencil case? No, a new sixth form wardrobe of course!

Over half term I took a little trip down to Oxford Street with the sole objective of obtaining as many new sixth form clothes as humanely possible; I get extremely bored of wearing the same things over and over again! Here's a few brand new outfits I will be stringing together this term as I slug over my maths homework...

Dress - H&M, Belt - Primark, Cardigan - Pull&Bear

Skirt - Warehouse, Blouse - Warehouse, Blazer - H&M, Belt - Primark

Blouse - Primark, Skirt - H&M

Shirt - Primark, Skirt - Matalan, Cardigan - Pull&Bear

Skirt - H&M, Shirt - Primark, Blazer - H&M

To see my original set of outfits for sixth form, here's Sixth Form Wardrobe 1.0!

I am still desperately in need of some beautiful chino type trousers to wear in the colder months, can you believe I haven't worn trousers to school once in the 5 years I've been there!? Must change that soon!

Have a great weekend my lovelies!


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