I'm looking super ginge in these pictures! Unfortunately just a product of over used flash more than actual hair colour!

Donuts. Although they are the most delicious snacks in the world, the humble donut can also be a hair saviour in the styling world.

I bought this mesh donut from Primark, £2, a while ago and have been recently really appreciating its life saving properties! A device which needs dirty, messy hair to work into a extremely sophisticated style...? Yes please!

It takes two minutes- a little backcombing after shoving the hair up into a high ponytail is all that is required to stuff the ring around the pony and evenly distribute the hair around, and its a saviour for girls like me who have such fine hair that a bun of this magnitude was completely out of the question before.

There's something about this type of neat, rounded bun that screams Audrey Hepburn to me, and I've recently been a bit drawn to Tiffany's to eat a spot of toast.

The only downside I find to these hair donuts is the ever prominent fear that parts of the mesh will be visible under the hair, especially if you have very fine hair like me! I live in fear that people will discover my hair secret with random bits of mesh sticking out from my perfect bun... but hey, that's what bobby pins were made for!

These little rings are my new best friend when dealing with unruly, dirty locks and are amazing cheap at just £2... winning! :)


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