My apologies for the extremely picture heavy post!

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to be able to get free tickets to the brand new Harry Potter Studio Tour, which has opened up near-ish to wear I live (its close to London). 

I have to say it is literally the coolest place on earth for a massive Harry Potter geek like me- yes I cried at the last Harry Potter film, it was just so emosh! After the final film coming out and the magic seeming to end, this brand new museum/tour is the closest thing there is to the magical world of Hogwarts, except the theme park in America, which I am determined to visit one day!

I don't want to spoil the actual tour too much for any of you keen people like me who are going, but lets just say there are lots of lovely surprises! From drinking butter beer to meeting dobby the house elf, every little detail was covered and it was fascinating seeing the ins and outs of the filming and behind the scenes sets. The workers there were lovely (one of my best friends actually works there, lucky thing!) and they were so clued up on Harry Potter inside information they should have been in the movies themselves!

The best part by far was a magnificent structure of Hogwarts which changed from day to night every 4 minutes; it was ridiculously huge and ridiculously beautiful- I want to go to Hogwarts! And I even discovered a table with all the makeup they used on set... lets just say I hung around there quite a bit!

Overall it was a fantastic experience and apart from the overpriced gift shop and wanting it never to end, there's really nothing I can fault with it! If you get the chance to go - go


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