So, A few weeks ago I was in NYC with my boyfriend Jim who was doing make-up for New York Fashion Week Spring 2010. Below you can see 302 making its way backstage! Models get there faces painted and washed so many times in a day Calming Mist and Lip Balm are great for the kit. I use Calming Mist sometimes to buff creamy or thicker foundations into sheerer more natural blends.

302 goes to NYC!

Anyway, that wasn't the point. The point was I had some time to kill while he was in shows and I went shopping. I checked out the big Sephoras and things like that and than I went to my favorite place, The Barnes & Nobles on 5th ave. Well, it's not my favorite place, but I really like it their. (Saks 5th Ave is my favorite, but that's a different story) Anyway, at the Barnes & Noble I discover this book about Super Power Breathing by Patricia & Paul Bragg.

Basically, it talks about how most people don't fill their lungs with enough oxygen, therefore many organs and especially the skin doesn't get enough of the precious health-source oxygen. Apparently the last place your inhaled oxygen goes is the skin, so if you don't fill your lungs deeply enough their won't be enough for all of your body! The book advocates daily deep breathing, frequent exercise, posture exercises and above all NO SMOKING. It was my biggest inspiriation and motivation while I was in the initial process of quitting smoking. It really makes sense and has a lot of great facts about how important deep breathing is, and how it can affect your entire life. The way I look at it, Deeper breathing means more oxygen in your blood, which means more oxygen in your skin, and Oxygen is the food of all cells, like skin cells. Good posture maximizes body circulation, which just ties in with the fact that blood nourishes our skin. It has some great exercises to increase lung capacity and "oxygen fuel" that are similar to Yoga poses. I would recommend it to anyone, but especially anyone who is struggling with Quitting smoking.

Bragg Healthy Lifestyle
I just finished reading another one of their Books, the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle. It's a really great book that covers the "optimum" and organic way of doing just about everything. This book talks about diet (speficially raw or lightly cooked organic veggies and fruits), excercise, supplements, deep breathing, posture, fasting, and living a more organic spiritual life. I'm plenty spiritual, and I'm no christian, but it is presented in the best intentions and can definitely be appreciated by people of all religions. Patricia Bragg shows an example of how to truly nourish and take care of your body so you live at maximum health. She talks constantly on her lifestyle making you Ageless! There's alot of research to it, though. It follows (or can be made to follow when applicable) the Low Glycemic concepts of Dr. Perricone (Perricones claims that eating below the GI of 50 prevents spikes in blood sugar that lead to inflammation and then premature aging), but not his theory on protein. The Bragg Lifestyle is pro-vegetarian. I'll never pesonally give up meat, but I definitely will take in more Raw foods and salads! They talk about how the raw enzymes of raw foods are essential to good health, digestion, elimination, assimilation, and ofcourse, good skin. It's like a Health Boot Camp Book, but I LOVED it. Its so inspiring and motivating to keep your body like a temple..

The Braggs make some AMAZING organic healthy condiments. They make this healthy soy sauce, that's made with amino acids called "Liquid Aminos" thats to die for, I've thrown out every type of Soy sauce in the house.
It has like no calories, or carbs, and 1/5 the salt of soy sauce but about 3 times the flavor! And Amino Acids are great for your skin! They also have non-salt shakers and a Great organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. They advertise their miracle health tonic, which is:

1-2 Tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar (Raw & Organic, the Bragg ACV is the best one, I checked)
8oz of water
Optional: 1-2 Tsp of RAW honey or 100% Organic Maple Syrup, or my personal Favorite Stevia (which has no Glycemic Index, so it keeps Dr. Perricone happy)
**It's recommended this tonic be taken at rising, before breakfast, and before lunch. I'll post more about ACV and how it effects the skin after I read their book all about Apple Cider Vinegar.

You can see their books and products at! I HIGHLY recommend this one book above all (Bragg Healthy Lifestyle), and I will be re-reading it so I can ensure I absorb all it's lessons.It's like a strict bible to toxicless and ageless living. I kow I can't follow it perfectly, but I'm making small changes to incorporate this agelessness and toxicless diet into my life!

Apple Cider VinegarThe Miracle of FastingVegetarian Health Recipes
I already bought "Apple Cider Vinegar: Miracle Health System", "The Miracle of Fasting" (can't wait to read that one!) and "Vegetarian Health Recipes"" which has some recipes that are AMAZING for your skin. I'll post my thoughts when I have them! I also have some "Good for your Skin" food recipes I can't wait to share!

Anyway, that baby wrinkle I have on my forehead is acting up (had a market tour/corporate visit to my MAC Store this week, and I've had just one big headache!) I'm going to go zap it with the micro-massage/current on my HS-3003!

Wishing you all great skin,
Danny Vanity
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