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Lately I've been wanting to go back to school to recieve advanced Esthetic training - I wanted to go back and get my last bit of hours (so I can have a full 1200 hours license, vs. the 900 hour one I have) and then I want to spend some time at the International Dermal Institute (or IDI) getting some post graduate training - Yes! I love education. Unfortunately, I have a very demanding full-time job @ MAC that stops that from happening right now - but It'll happen ;)

Anyway, I've been reading about Chinese Face Diagnosis, which is a class offered at IDI. Basically, it is used as a tool to look at the face and diagnose or predict illness otherwise not visible to the naked eye - However, I'm interested in seeing if by correcting the underlying issue, if the skin will reflect that.

Here is some really cool information I borrowed from HealthMad.com

Chinese Face Diagnosis

  • Face becomes slightly green: the liver’s ability is low.
  • Face is too red: heart disease or high blood pressure
  • Face becomes yellow: the spleen and stomach’s ability is low
  • Face becomes dark: kidney function is low
  • Face or skin too white: the lungs’ ability is low
  • Black moles appear on the face: the accumulation of acid and toxin levels in the vaginal are extremely high and may cause inflammation and pain in the vaginal. In this case, the patient should avoid sexual intercourse and any sexual relations with the male.
  • Folding between the areas of two eyebrows: the lymph’s ability is low, the immune system is weak and the possibility of catching flu is higher
  • Red spots or pox around the eyebrows: more likely to get flu in the next few days or the person is suffered from the flu.
  • Eyebrows become red: brain nerve is too active to enable the person to sleep well
  • Eye socket becomes red: inflammation in the kidneys or back pain
  • Nose becomes red: bladder inflammation or pain of the back
  • Swelling veins on the nose: the kidneys and bladder functions are deteriorating
  • Lips become red: the stomach is too active
  • Lips become black: both spleen and kidney functions are low
  • Pox spots or cold sores near the lips: stomach ulcer
  • Cheek turns red: the liver is active
  • Black eyes or black/ brown spots: the kidney function is low
  • Skin around the eyes is dark: the kidney function is deteriorating or bladder is more likely to have “stones”. When the male’s kidneys and bladder function is low, he is more likely to have an enlarged prostate.
  • Black moles in between the nose and the lip: acid and toxin levels in the body is extremely high, and Chinese fortune-teller has related the formation of black moles as a sign of loneliness
  • Black moles in between the nose and the lip are too dark: one should aware of getting cancer
  • The region between the chin and the ear with depressed, scars, pox marks or any other anomalies: the intestine is not functioning well. If this region becomes red, it is possible that the person will have diarrhea in a few days.

Now, I took the liberty of taking that image and marking it based on what I see on my own face. Here goes:

My Face

So, when I break-out (which isn't a whole lot, thanks to 302, but since I've been drinking lots of cleansing/detoxifying foods and taking up weekly fasting, I've been breaking out a little bit more - but skin flushing is expected when cleansing the body) I get white heads in my chin and jaw area, which usually start out beneath the skin and then eventually form an inflammatory whitehead. This area, marked in the pinky color, is supposed to be lead by the colon. It's interesting because I've read plenty of literature (www.DrNatura.com, being one of the leaders in colon cleansing) suggesting about how a healthy colon is beneficial for just about everything, especially the skin.

I've also marked areas of congestions and clogged pores in and around the nose and inside portion of my cheeks. Also, the area between my brows tends to get a little congested at times - Which is primarily the Colon (again!), Intestines, and Bladder. Hopefully with more healthy eating and bodily cleansing the condition of these organs will improve, as will my skin. :)

I thought the whole thing was very interesting! It's definitely something to consider, as the skin is our bodies primary way to detoxify, so by using the skin as a map we can figure out where impurities need to be removed. The website (HealthMad.com) also had a section on Chinese Hand Diagnosis, that I liked to above.

Wishing you all great Skin,
Danny Vanity

(P.S. I'm fasting today, as I've been reading about how detoxifying and good for the intestinal track a 1 day a week fast is. Lots of Water and Apple Cider Vinegar cocktails for me today! Wish me luck!)


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