Crew cut hair cut model for the army, police, security guards may be a common thing, but for some who have never or at least not familiar with this model of separate menggundang sensation. Besides the health reasons are also intended to save shampoo and more "isis" if the wind blown, so the haircut was also made mystical atmosphere becomes more fresh faces, he he he.

to one of the world-class hairstylist, Alfons: Hair pieces that will become a trend is a short cut hairstyle or hair cropped known.

Cropped haircut loved back, but according to Alfons that long hair had never experienced the emptiness fans. Long hair fans in general have their own reasons related to aesthetics, art, myth, and others.

Advice from Alfrons if you follow the latest trends in hair cropped model: because not everyone fits with the cropped haircut at a hair cut, to avoid something drastic and revolutionary, especially if you already have scheduled a big event like a party event or an important event another.

To follow the trend as spoken Afrons and to save shampoo (this is most important, he .. he ..) then it would not hurt you to try it. If I ... ... oke dech in this new year shalimow decided to cut my hair, smacking life!


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