On stage waving, connect Jhonny, rolled and applied to the hair curly DV2 drugs appropriate to the type of hair. And set aside for DV2 drug absorption process. "With Nutri proactive content system, the hair looks more soft and manageable," he said.

"Having considered elasitas hair, and hair were carefully neutralizing solution and aged to perfection cream penetrate. Remove the curler and neutralizing solution is applied again," he explained.

At the end of protection, Johnny explained that the hair has been rinsed and through the process of curling, hair proteline given. This is to improve the hair to be more flexible and provides a natural layer of protection. In addition, the application of this natural proteline with light massage on acupressure points, which will merasang nerves taut muscles became more relaxed after passing through the process of curling.

"This service uses L'Oreal Professional products. The price is Rp150 thousand, not including wash and blow," he said while Promotion.

Before ending the conversation, Jhonny also provides tips after wave spa. Among others with cutting hair in the style of disconnected pieces, hair spa treatment every two weeks, and avoid the use of combs hair curling at the meeting.


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