Pasha Ungu just change the look of cropped hair style cut military personnel. Purple vocalist was also claimed hit by extreme boredom.
"This crop of new models I first did. All the models I've tried hair. Cropped this way, because I was tired myself," he said, before going up the stage in a concert "A Mild Live Rising Stars" in Field GOR Saparua, Bandung, weekend night.

Pasha's own confession fishing reporter to ask about rumors today, that the famous band with the album BY THE TIME it would disperse.
gaya rambut pasha ungu
Responding to that issue, the vocalist once again assert itself just bored myself, and say "Problem issue broke, it's up."

Meanwhile, Purple bassist, Maki said: "We do not know the source from which it issues, but there was no intention at all to disperse Purple."

Answering questions from the press about their plans, guitarist Enda Ungu, said the band was preparing a movie soundtrack CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY.


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