As a reward for finishing my Art GCSE course a few weeks back I decided to allow myself a little, sneaky purchase from MAC, taking full advantage of their 'free mascara with every purchase' offer. At the top of my wish list was Hush Cream Colour Base, a product which I had been lusting after ever since a visit to the store in half term, so I parted ways with £16 (including postage) and received my free mascara and of course my beautiful Hush Cream Colour Base. Bargain, me thinks.

The colour of Hush is most definitely the perfect highlight colour for me, a peachy, bronze glow which delivers the most beautiful 'soft candlelight' look when worn on the cheekbones. It looks amazing for everyday wear and is easily my favourite highlighter of all time, so far. It also has a consistency to die for, creamy and buttery, and I just cannot get enough of this on my cheeks, definitely one of my favourite MAC purchases.

I also received MAC's Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara along with my Cream Colour Base purchase for free, woo hooo!

In a way this mascara is like two wands in one, with the purple part giving thick, voluminous lashes, and the pink part giving more natural, daytime lashes.

'Haute' Daytime Lashes (Pink)

'Naughty' Nightime Lashes (Purple)

Both parts of the mascara deliver well, giving lovely long thick lashes, however my only fault with this product is that after using the 'daytime' lash mascara, this makes the 'nightime' lash wand go very clumpy, however this can be fixed by wiping some mascara off with a tissue before use.
Overall though, its a lovely mascara, and an absolute bargain getting two mascaras in one for free!

Did you pick up the free mascara with MAC latest deal? What do you think of it? :)


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