*ZOMGGG* I got attacked by an alien...

...or something to that effect.

OK, so maybe that was a slight exaggeration; I wasn't as much attacked by an alien, but by a fit of complete and utter boredom.

Revision seems to be taking over my life and I feel like I am turning into a stay-at-home hermit the amount of time I am forced to sit at home swatting, surrounded by piles upon piles of those damn CGP books (revision books if your not from the UK). There is only so much more of their 'funny' educational jokes that I can stand before I burst out of my little revision bubble.

My only release from this revision hell hole seems to be my ever growing makeup obsession, which is bizarre considering the only person I see while revising is Graeme, the builder. This, quite frankly, rather scary look above was created when I decided I just could not revise Nuclear Reactions any more, and I decided to vent my boredom on something vaguely productive.

The makeup is loosely based on a kind of Avatar-ish sea creature - inspired by my Physics teacher who looks worryingly similar to the inhabitants of Pandora - and was just a random Monday night 'adventure'.

On the bright side though, I did have a day off yesterday and got my prom dress- yaayaayayyyy!

Sorry if I scared you with my Avatar look and revision rage.


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