As far as elaborate jewellery goes, I'm not a huge fan. Give me a diamond necklace or a Thomas Sabo bracelet and I wont be particularly interested, however give me a great big smacker of a ring and wow, your my new best friend :)

I don't know what it is about rings, but for me, they are the only type of accessory I wear on a regular basis, and I'm consistently drawn in by their normally intricate and interesting designs.

Because of this, lately my poor old bank balance has been taking a bashing (once again ;) and I seem to be picking up more rings than ever, so here's a sneaky peek into my ever expanding ring collection...

Left Silver Owl Ring - New Look  ...poor owlie lost his eye :(
Right Silver Armour Ring - H&M

Left Gold Armour Ring - a random shop in Spain...
Right Bronze Bow Ring - Primark

Left Black Flower Ring - Primark
Right Pearl Flower Ring - Primark

Left Gold Bow Ring - Sainsburys
Right Large Gold Bow Ring - Primark

Left Silver Bauble Ring - Primark ...say hallooo to the camera ;)
Right Silver Patterned Ring - New Look

Left Butterfly Ring - Accessorize
Right Pink Gem Rings - Argos, Blue Ring - Spanish Market

So there is my assortment of rings, which I will hopefully be adding to in future!:)


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