Boob Tube: H&M
White Tank: Primark
Blue Skirt: H&M
Spotty Tights: Primark
Tan Belt: Primark
Nails: Barry M Navy
Rings: Shop in Spain / Primark

Summer's here in full force, and while wearing this outfit while prom shopping a few days ago I was forced to remove my tights I was so unbelievably hot, shock horror!

But really I'm loving the sudden visit from the sun and enjoying it while it lasts, because, as you know, England is renowned for not being exactly consistent in it's weather!

Sorry for the slightly strange angles in the pictures, I'm just getting used to doing outfit posts and finding the perfect position seems to be a massive task in my tiny little room!

Have an amazing Easter weekend my lovelies and don't eat too many eggs! :)


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