Top, Belt, Tights & all Jewellery - Primark; Skirt & Jacket - H&M

This is another little outfit I wore out to dinner for a friend's birthday a few weeks ago, I am ever so slightly obsessed with this navy skirt from H&M; it just goes with everything!

The pictures above were taken by my big sister, in our little 'photoshoot' in which she got a little too keen and began attempting to take photos from above, below and just about everywhere else. My sister has abandoned me to go off on a 2 week holiday to Ayia Napa, so I am now an only child for the next 10 days. On the bright side I have full access to her closet while shes away, win!

Here's a little snap of my beautiful, big sister as punishment for her deserting me...

Isn't she a cutie? she's going to kill me...mwahaha.

In other news, who else is over excited about the new series of One Tree Hill... obsessed? Me? Definitely!

I've also been feeling lately that too many of my posts these days have my mug all over them; not to self- post less pictures of me haha!


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