As part of Bourjois' summer offerings in their new collection, they released a new bronzer, in addition to their infamous 'Chocolate Bronzer' which is now a cult product in the beauty world, and one of my go-to bronzers. I own both the bronzing products from Bourjois and this is how the Délice de Soleil (new) and Délice de Poudre (chocolate) bronzers measure up!

Délice de Soleil on the left, Délice de Poudre on the right

The two powders have extremely different packaging, the chocolate using a cardboard, magnetised box and the new bronzer in plastic packaging, with an extremely useful built in mirror which swivels 360 degrees and even a mini brush!

Both bronzers are creamy and soft, and contain some slight shimmer, which I find translates more onto the skin in the new 'Délice de Soleil' bronzer. However this product is more orange toned than the chocolate bronzer, and slightly lighter. I find that it is easier to build up the beautiful bronze colour in the newer bronzer, although I do find in both bronzers that the products develop a film over them (probably a product of using dirty makeup brushes in them... whoops) which need to be scratched away to achieve full pigmentation.

In terms of price, the chocolate bronzer pips in at £2 lower than the newer addition, at £6.99 rather than £8.99, although the Délice de Soleil does include an SPF of 15; an essential addition during the summer months!

Overall, the bronzers are similar but if I were to pick a favourite it would have to be the newest addition 'Délice de Soleil' because the colour it gives is so natural and flattering on my skintone, and the mirror inside is so handy! I do adore the chocolate bronzer and it will forever hold a place in my heart with its beautiful chocolate smelling goodness, but the packaging is sadly slightly lacking in convenience!

I hope this helped if anyone is struggling to pick a bronzer from the Bourjois line, and happy bronzing!


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