This post is completely, 100% devoted to my makeup collection, and it is quite possibly the most exciting post to me that I have ever done, sad but true.

I have been building up my makeup collection over about 3 years, and although is it by no means as large as some other giant collections, I am actually weirdly proud of all my makeup! Generally, I buy all my products myself (with exceptions on birthdays etc.) and this post is aimed to show my readers my collection, not to brag about what I have!

I have organised all my makeup into different sections using two large 4-drawed towers from ASDA...

Makeup Tower 1
I also store hair bands, clips, keys and perfumes on top of it.

Makeup Tower 2
Down the side I store palettes and magazines.



Eyeliners/Mascaras/Things too big to go anywhere else!


'Everyday Makeup'
Things I use all the time.

Small Eye Palettes/Single Shadows/Pigments/Liners/Primers

Miscellaneous Lashes/Tools/Old Cases

Products I Never Use

Face Brushes/Eye Brushes
Both stored in old cups and in rice to keep them standing up!

I hope you liked this little insight into my makeup obsession! If you have any questions about particular products or want more detailed categorised collection posts feel free to comment below!:)


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