Today, the 15th April 2012, is exactly two years since Beautylishious was born! I feel slightly like a proud mother at this point and I'm a tad flabbergasted I even got to this point. It baffles me that two years ago I didn't even have this little space on the Internet that’s mine and mine alone to ramble and blog my beauty-obsessed heart out.

And to top it all off; I just reached 1000 followers- wahwhooooo! Best blogiversary EVVERRRR!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all 1004 of you! I am thankful for each and every one of you, and while it completely baffles me that any sane human being would want to read my ramblings, thank you for being there, commenting and just generally being awesome!

Just wanted to say how glad I am that I did join the blogging community many moons ago! I have made so many lovely little ‘bloggie’ friends, found some absolutely amazing blogs and found a place to vent my makeup obsession- its really a win-win!

So I shall stop being all sentimental and emosh, but I hope for many more years on the blogosphere!

Cue really scary picture of me- as what's a blog post without a picture?!

Oh and PS, I have a new Twitter account if you want to follow! 


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