Nude Beige (1), Faubourg Peach (30), Peach Passion (13)

How amazingly perfect, beautiful, amazing, magnificent, breathtaking... ahuvufjhoi are these!!? I still cant quite get over the gold packaging, they are literally the Queens of the lipstick world in my eyes.

You may have seen my earlier post, a good few months ago when I got my very first YSL lipstick (a momentous moment in any make-up addict's life I'm sure!) and now I have three! Three absolute favourites in my lipstick collection!

I must say, these lipsticks are the creamiest, most pigmented, easy to put on lip products I have experienced in my 17 years, and are an absolute delight to wear! The only downfalls to these are that they don't wear off as well as I would have hoped; there can be a little settling into lip lines if you're not careful.

But otherwise, a definite, massive recommendation if you haven't tried them! And if you have, what are your favourite shades, I definitely need more of these in my life!


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