In case you were interested...

I survived the dreaded camping trip!! :)

Although as I am writing this, I have my poor swollen feet propped on a chair after walking 10 miles, camping in a field and walking another 10 miles the next day. All i can say, is WHY was the Duke Of Edinbrough Award invented, i think it is pointless as most of the time I was just walking in circles and being chased by mad cows giving me evil eyes!
But I am very proud of myself for surviving the whole weekend with only a few bruises and blisters to show of it and there were some really fun parts, like being on a campsite and the hysterical laughing that comes on the last few miles when your not sure whether to laugh or cry. Overall it was quite fun, although i am dreading my final expedition which is in July...

If anyone is thinking of doing a Duke of Edinbrough Award, i would actually reccomend it, i have done so many different things during the award that i would have never done at any other time!

Heres a piccie if you wanted to see... (Im on the far right, looking rough from that never ending walk hehe :))

One more thing...

THANKYOU so much for all the comments and followers i have got during the last few weeks! Im so grateful to all of you, your comments really do make my day! So thankyou, thankyou, thankyou all of you, you are all little stars! :)

Hannah xxxx


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