One word...


Round of applause please! My little pot of Vaseline has been through thick and thin with me, and I realised only yesterday that this tiny tub of jelly is my number one beauty 'secret'! I literally put it everywhere, on dry skin, my eyelashes, lips, nails etc. etc. and it really is a miracle worker. It works wonders on my poor, dry, over mascara-ed eyelashes, making them thick and healthy again, and it is so much smoother to apply mascara after a cleansing session with my lovely pot of petroleum jelly!
And i haven't even started on it's powers on my dry skin!
The gorgeous jelly formula sinks into the skin leaving it lovely, smooth and baby soft, and is incredible for sad, cracked lips!
And at only about £1.50, this really IS a wonder product! I couldn't live without it!
So, what is YOUR 'miracle product'?
Hannah xxx


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