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What kind of short Asian Japanese Hairstyles do you love? The fashion ones or the kawaii ones? Most the girls Age between 10-18 do love kawaii short and long hairstyles while age between 19-25 love fashion trendy hair styles. In 2010, the short haircuts will be very popular, then today we talk about the latest short Japanese haircuts.

When you are looking for the latest fashion Japanese short hairstyles, I suggest you search on hairstyle dedicated websites and fashion websites. Do not use search engines image search,just like google and yahoo images to search latest hairstyles, because the search engine get the old images, not update frequently.Another way is looking for the latest fashion and hairstyles magazine, I prefer this way. The latest styles can be found in many picture galleries containing short, medium and even long hairstyles. The versatility that comes with popular Japanese hairstyles makes for many popular styles.

Trendy Short Japanese Hairstyles 2010 picture

The classy round short bob hairstyle is very popular in Asia, no matter in Japan,Koran, or China, A lot women prefer this kind of short hair, and they looks great with the short bob hairstyles. This kind of hair can be paired with long or short bangs. Many Japanese women choose short bangs, as Japanese facial features are notably small. Long bangs are a way to disguise large facial features, especially when swept to one side. This is one of the most popular feminine haircuts.

Also the short bob hairstyle can be worn in a wavy fashion, as well as straightened and can be worn parted to the either side, or in the middle. Although the short bob hair style is classy and traditional, there are also many changes you can make, just like implementing layers into the hairstyles to modernize the appearance of the short rounded bob haircut.

The London fashion show is on recently, you can get more hair inspiration from the fashion show!


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