Doesn't everybody strive for that perfect 'candlelight' glow on their cheeks, especially during the dull ole' winter months, when skin is more likely to look 'just been running for the bus' shiny rather than perfect glowy, healthy skin.

However not to fear, MeMeMe Highlighter is here!

Now MeMeMe has a history of having 'similar' products as the beautiful but pricey brand of Benefit, and their highlighter does have a considerable likeness to Benefit Highbeam, however who's to complain when its a quarter of the price?!

I picked up this beautiful Beat The Blues Highlighter in Sunbeam in the lovely Superdrug for just £4.50, and of course upon getting it home I was eager to try it out...

Lets get glowing... (Que a few rubbish pictures...)

*Excuse my terrible, terrible pictures!*

After many disastrous adventures with highlighter before (glitter ball cheeks anyone?) I was cautious of getting my hopes up for this. However I was not disappointed with this little gem.

This highlighter is one of the 'nail polish' makeup products, where you use a brush to apply product and then blendddd, which, when using in public, usually prompts people to warn you about putting nail polish on your face :|

Anywhoo, this is a beautiful soft golden colour and when rubbed in, has a tiny amount of shimmer, not enough to sparkle like a disco ball, but just enough to give you that radiant glow that we all strive for. Perfect colour for anytime, and will be especially pretty in summer next year, and it lasts forever!

The only downfall to this product is that in some lights you can see the actual shimmer, which will never make you look disco-balley but some may find this annoying!

Overall I love this product, one of the best highlighter I have used in my admittedly small highlighter collection, and for just £4,50, give it a go!

I brought this product with my own money and they are my honest views on this product.



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