Here's a few little bits and pieces I have picked up in the last month or so... and a couple that have travelled all the way from Lanzarote!

Ohh Primark, I do love you!
These couple of necklaces were a complete bargain at £2 each, and so damn adorable!
The first one is a thin chain with a bird cage sitting at the end, check out the little tweety-bird hiding inside, I nearly melted with the cuteness!
The second is a small gold bag, which is ridiculously cool as it actually opens! I nearly had a heart attack in the store when I discovered this, me thinking I'd broken it, as accidents seem to just surround me! However, I was pleasantly surprised that it did actually open, how amazing is that? Think of the things you could store inside and carry around your neck...

Of course when on a little trip to boots, I just couldn't come out empty handed. While picking up goodies to give to my best friend for her birthday, I picked up this beautiful 17 Eyeshadow in Mardi Grass. Its a gorgeous gold/bronze with shimmer and applies beautifully
OK, I admit it, this was meant for my lovely friend, but I bought her something else as I loved it so much, shhhh ;)


Finally FINALLY, I got my hands on this little beauty! I've been looking for Barry M Toffee Lipgloss for months and months, but, alas, it was always out of stock! So imagine my excitement seeing it on the shelves, just waiting to be snapped up. And oh my goodness, I want to eat it, it smells so good!

And.. thank you to the lovely Boots, who gave me their legendary £5 off No.7 voucher, with which I bought this gorgeous eyeshadow in Wheat Sheath, a beautiful soft yellow, beige colour, which I think is perfect for a natural school look.

And now onto the bits and bobs from Lanzarote...

As a little gift to my lovely friends back at home, I brought 6 of these bracelets for just 5 euros in a little shop on the high street. Absolute bargain! Of course they were so cute, I just had to have one for myself, as they have such pretty charms!

There was a beautiful shop near the sea front which had an amazing selection of jewellery, and I managed to find this little beauty. I absolutely adore it, its kinda in keeping with an armour-ish quality, but also very dainty with delicate flowers, and another bargain for just 6 euros!

That's it for my hauls at the moment, but expect another very soon as I'm anticipating a massive blowout tomorrow!

Toodles my lovelies! :)


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