Magpie-ism is the term I like to use to describe the chronic disorder of being completely and utterly devoted to anything shiny, metallic or glittery. In winter especially, when the dark nights call for a little bit of sparkle to light up my life, this trait comes out in full force, especially in my nail polish choices.

First up is a recent discovery in Gosh Nail Lacquer in Purple Heart, which is the most beautiful duo-chrome purple, blue, green, black mix that is one of those perfect 'I can't stop staring at my nails' type colours!

In the middle are the beautiful new Magnetism Nail Lacquers by Fashionista in Purple Me Up and Notorious Silver. Not only are these polishes endorsed by none other that the amazing Saturdays (what other reason do you need!?) but also change into the most beautiful wavy interesting pattern when using the magnet. This unique design has acquired me many a compliment on my nails, although the only downside to this range is the chipping- like crazy!

Last but not least and a regular favourite is Accessorize Nail Polish in Bronze which I have already babbled on enough about here, but I just couldn't resist throwing its beautifulness into a post once again!

I am desperately in need to bulk up my 'glitter nail' collection, and am on the hunt for more gorgeous polishes to add, so any recommendation are much appreciated!

Have a lovely week!


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