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I wanted to post an entry about Galvanic current and 302, inspired by Esther's comment. :)

To start, Galvanic is a machine that uses negative and positive charges to create two different effects on the face. You can use it for disincrustation or Ionophoresis.

Disincrustation uses negative current to liquify sebum in the skin and create deep pore cleansing, generally used before extractions. Most Estheticians are taught to use a mixture or water and baking soda to apply to the skin in cotton compresses that are useful in conducting the electrical current. Dermalogica is one if the few companies that makes a really effective Disincrustation solution (called Scaling Fluid) but its in their professional line so it may be hard to obtain it. The face must remain wet with solution or wet compresses to properly conduct the charge.

Edited to add: the link below is to a thread I posted on EDS with the Disencrustation recipe:


Ionophoresis uses the galvanic current's positive polarity to penetrate water based solutions into the skin, which penetrates your treatment into the skin. Because Galvanic only works with water Based products, you would need to use 302 Serum or 302 Plus Serum when using Galvanic & 302. 302 Drops, A-Boost and C-Boost are water free so they are not ideal. Ideally you need to keep the skin "wet" with the product you are penetrating, as to conduct the charge.

Also, I don't think this necessarily needs to be done one after the other. Not everyone necessarily needs Disencrustation (more for Oily/congested skins, or congested t-zones) but most skin types can benefit from the positive polarity (Ionophoresis). I've heard minor debates between professionals about whether or not doing both polarities one after the other was essential, so I thought I'd share.

I do think using 302 and Galvanic would be effective, for sure. It's great for hydration and plumping up the skin as well. Just be careful not to over due Galvanic. Only go over the face once. Over doing it can result in slight burns, at least when using a professional unit. The cheaper retail units don't have as much juice.

I think I may bust out my Galvanic and do a documentary of a galvanic treatment. It could be a future post. ;)

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