Tattoo Letter Designs

The Two Different Types - And Their Importance

When people search for tattoo letter designs, they are usually searching for one of two things:

1) English lettering that is curvy and artistic.
2) Chinese lettering that is accurate.

With regards to English lettering, finding the right tattoo letter designs can be tricky. Unlike some types of artwork, lettering is like handwriting - it is easier to do forge if it is something you are familiar with. As a result, it is a good idea to go directly to your favorite parlor and see what lettering they have available. This gives you an opportunity to see the types of letters they are familiar with, so that you can be more confident that they are able to correctly create the look you are looking for. If not, go to another parlor.

Tattoo Letter Designs
Chinese lettering can be tricky. The meaning of the tattoo letter designs changes based on the accuracy of the writing. Far too many artists unfamiliar with Chinese leave off an important line or mark, drastically changing the meaning of the word - or giving the word no meaning at all.

The best way to remedy this is to send the letters to a tattoo artist that is fluent in Chinese writing. This way they can send you back an accurate draft of the word that is designed like a beautiful tattoo but also is correct in both meaning and intention.


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