Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday, I know I did. I got lots of goodies, of course, including Dr. Ben Johnson's book "Transform your Skin Naturally." I haven't finished reading it yet, however I can already tell you I highly recommend it to everyone with an interest in skincare and anyone who uses 302. Lots of good information. You can find it cheapest on Amazon. I will be posting more on te book when I finish reading it, highlighting the important stuff for those of you who won't go buy it. :)

The real reason I'm posting, is to talk about my Dermastamping. It's been almost a month since I used my stamp, and I can see some minor improvement on the bigger scar on my cheek. It's as if you can actually see the areas of the raised scar that got punctured the most with the stamp, as parts of it seem to have flattened. It originally was like a perfect half circle, and it's a little lumpy, which is good! It means it's working!

Generally, Collagen production takes 4-6 weeks, so results this early are rare. I will be sure to post a really good (I'll take then outside this time!) up close shot of all the scars, before and after the next Dermastamping session, that way we can all gauge the gradually scar reduction.

Wishing you great skin!
-Danny Vanity

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