♥ The last few weeks have been so freaking hectic. Although my mock GCSE exams are over (they went pretty well if you were wondering ;), I now have a pile of coursework and projects to complete over the next couple of weeks. It seems my school thinks that I don't need a break from work after exams, so please excuse my lack of posts for the time being... bad times.

♥ On a lighter note, my birthday is coming up- 7th February, hell yeah! :) I'm beyond excited for pressies, cake, dinner and parties, bring it on! :)

I miss them... :(
♥ I must confess I am a complete and utter TV-aholic. I watch everything. 90210, Vampire Diaries, Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Misfits... you name it, I watch it ;) One of my absolute favourites is Skins, however the new series (which started last Thursday) was such a disappointment compared to the older series'! I can't help missing the old cast just a little too much :( But of course the big news is the new series of US Skins, which I watched a bit of and my opinion is just... well.. mehh. Skins just doesn't seem right to me without Kaya Scodelario, Luke Pasqualino and their British accents, and it shocked me how tame it was compared to UK Skins, although there is already talk of it being cancelled. What do you think?!

♥ Lately I've been feeling a bit 'blahh' about my hair and after seeing so many beautiful pictures of celebrities with two tone hair, they have inspired me to want need ombre hair! However the only problem is that I am beyond terrified of ruining my ends and having to have it all cut off! Any of you ombre hair experienced ladies have any advise?

♥ I hope you liked this slightly different type of post. Sorry its a bit ramble-y and hap-hazard, but when in need of a rant, I blog :)


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