Hi All!

Hope you're all well. I will be posting at some point Sunday or Monday with the next addition to my dermastamp series. I've seen some decent progress in the flattening of the scars since the first treatment and I'm excited to continue and see how much farther we can take it. I took a picture at the 4 week mark, and will take another up close of the scars before I stamp this weekend. That way we can have something better to compare to. So stay tuned!

The Real reason I'm posting today is to let you all know that Richard Huber, the man behind 302 Skincare, is coming to Massachusetts in February to meet with me. Richard and I will be discussing treatment options, skin challenges, and of course - 302 Skincare! I am hoping to also get a good first hand update from him in regards to new and upcoming things we can expect from 302. Exciting!!

This is an amazing opportunity and I'm psyched to have him analyze my skin, my boyfriends skin, and some of my local clients skin. Here is your golden opportunity for your questions to be heard and answered!!

If you have any questions at all regarding 302 or skin concerns, please leave a comment with your question(s) and I will ask him whilst I have this one on one opportunity. I will then post a Question & Answer entry for all to enjoy!

So give me your toughest questions! Let's all take advantage of this opportunity!

Wishing you Great skin,
Danny Vanity

Location:Peabody, MA


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