Having fine, flat hair and not using heat is normally a complete disaster and my hair is very difficult to work with when I do absolutely nothing to it. Consequently, I have developed a range of different methods of styling my hair using the technique of leaving damp hair to dry into a style. There are a million different ways I use to create waves and volume in my hair, which I have posted about here and here (queue completely cringey-old post!) but this method is the one that I am liking at the moment:

After washing and towel drying my hair until its about 80% dry I scrunch in some volumising mousse (I use the Avon one) and plonk all my hair onto the top of my hair into a messy bun and leave it to dry overnight.

In the morning when taking out said 'messy bun' I am left with completely uncontrollable, scary-mary hair. One of the perils of having majorly fine hair is that it can get a little over excited and go even more crazy than regular hair! But never fear, my solution to this problem...

... is to twist my hair all over the head. Sounds strange and like it wouldn't effect the texture of the hair at all, but I find that just twisting each side of my hair a few times and then releasing tames the wild side of it down and leaves soft pretty waves...

So there you go, my method for heat free waves!
  Stay tuned for Part 3 of my Heat Free Hair series in which I'll be reviewing my favourite products for volumised hair! ♥


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