On a little trip out to town to root around for a suitable prom bag (which, of course, I didn't even end up getting!) I accidentally on purpose spent money that I just don't have to spend! June has been an absolutely crazy month, with about a trillion birthday presents and parties to pay for, not to mention Prom, and my bank account has been seriously suffering! I managed to justify a few purchases in town, although my conscience is suffering a little now...

White Floppy Hat - Primark - £4
I loveeee the floppy hat trend for summer and this one was just so cute with the tiny holes, although there was a straw tie around the hat which I swiftly snipped off for fear of looking a little too scarecrow-esque!

Beaded Headbands - Primark - £2
These are so bright and colourful for summer, and perfect to wear with soft, floaty, wavy hair!

Turquoise Ring - Primark - £2.50
I could not believe how beautiful this ring was, especially for Primark standards!

Maybelline Gel Liner - Superdrug - £5.99
This could quite possibly be my new favourite liner, it beats my ELF Cream Liner by miles!

Cream Sheer Blouse - Primark - £8
I adore this type of top however upon closer inspection I accidentally picked it up in a size 18, whoops!

Orange Vest Top - Primark - £4
I love love love this for summer and tucking into shorts or bright skirts!

Floral Playsuit - H&M - £7.99
It seems that the only playsuits that ever fit me are found in H&M so I couldn't resist this little bargain!


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